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The Best Christmas Lights, Hot Chocolates, & More in the Greater Moncton Area


This post is FILLED with great resources for making the most of the Christmas season in Greater Moncton. Read all the way through for crafts, gift ideas, Santa info, tips for a toddler-friendly tree, and so much more. But first – THE LIGHTS!

Folks always share lots of great ideas on our Facebook page about where to head to check out Christmas light displays. Check it out & add your suggestions in the comments; we’ll update this page as we find more awesome spots to share.

Please remember to be cautious when slowing or stopping to admire the handiwork & don’t block anyone’s driveway.

A few must-visit displays:

Light Up Riverview features tens of thousands of lights along the Waterfront Trail, with amazing photo opportunities and a chance to imagine yourself in Stars Hallow or your own personal Hallmark Christmas movie.

Downtown Moncton’s angels, snowflakes, and ornament (by the Avenir Centre) are simply majestic, too!

For 2022, Phillips Brothers on Edinburgh Drive has a backhoe covered in lights that’s a must-see!

Steeves Mountain (Homestead Road, by the Mountain Top Motel) is home to a high tower owned by Xplore (formerly Xplornet) that is fully covered in Christmas lights for 2022. It’s impossible to miss, trust us.

We’re also huge fans of the Shediac Lobster’s Santa hat and the Alma lobster trap tree.

A trip along Elmwood Drive is a tradition for many, and for good reason! Right across from the entrance to Irishtown Park you’ll find a display unlikely to be matched anywhere in the city. Check out this great television story on the display and how it all began. (1150 Elmwood Drive for the exact location.)

The house near Centennial Park (corner of Milner & Alexander) is quickly becoming a traditional stop for many, with it’s AT-AT & Starship Enterprise! Pro tip: be sure to watch the upstairs windows when you visit.

We are constantly blown away by the set-to-music display at the Hogan’s home on Pasadena Drive in Moncton. Be sure to check it out! (There are some other great light displays with music, too; we’ve listed some below with their addresses.)

You can also bring the family to WILD LIGHTS, the winter exhibit at the Magnetic Hill Zoo. There are hundreds of thousands of lights displayed throughout the 40 acre park, as well as animals to visit.

When you’re leaving, be sure to drive up Mountain Road toward Lyons’ Store; the house at 3202 Mountain Road has an incredible display with homemade decorations that move, 35,000 lights, and music playing on 89.1FM. One of our favourites!!

Houses traditionally with lights set to music:

  •  114 Pasadena Drive, Moncton
  •  73 Salengro Cresent, Moncton
  •  3202 Mountain Road (between the Zoo & Lyons’ store), Moncton
  •  65 Warren Avenue, Riverview (doesn’t seem to be happening for 2022; we’ll update as we know more)
  • 297 Randall Drive – an awesome display with music playing each night 6-9pm (the music plays via speakers, perfect for walkers – and this whole part of town is always a treat to stroll during Christmas — and Halloween, too!)
  • 375 Colpitts Road, Salisbury area

More Riverview area spots

  • Pine Glen Road (815 & 1089 in particular)
  • 795 Coverdale Road – Riverview Lawn & Garden (check out their tulip displays in the spring, too!)
  • Check out the town’s Merry & Bright Challenge map for dozens of houses & businesses that are decorated.

More Moncton spots

  • We love the lights downtown & at Centennial Park each year!
  • Corner of Milner & Alexander
  • Shediac Road & Branch Road
  • 40 & 83 Pebble Creek Way
  • 22 & 59 Falcon Drive
  • 62  Thistlevale Drive
  • Mailhot Avenue (so many lovely homes!)

More Dieppe spots

  •  510 Chartersville Road

Lots of homes along Salisbury Road are decorated, as well as along Upper Coverdale. Make a big loop & enjoy all the wonderfully hand-painted shop windows in the Village of Salisbury! Did you see our photo of the mannequin Christmas tree on Instagram? Check it out! We know it’s back for 2022, too!

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Looking for a Christmas Light Route? Try this!

  • Start by driving across the Gunningsville Bridge; the view of Riverview’s Riverfront lights from this approach is my favourite.
  • Continue along Coverdale Road all the way to Salisbury. There are lots of great lights along the way; the Hicks’ home with its Big Fiddle & colourful trees is a lovely treat, as is Riverview Lawn & Garden’s display!
  • When you get to Salisbury, turn right. Notice the painted windows throughout the community and the great collection of inflatables at Kayla’s Keepsakes. A few minutes down the road, you’ll be in Boundary Creek (wave as you go by!).
  • Turn right onto Brighton Street into a lovely little decorated subdivision. (For those looking for a walkable neighbourhood to visit, this is a great option.) Just as you enter, you’ll want to turn left onto Green Briar Drive, then make your way down Greenvale Street until you turn back onto Green Briar. It’s a short trip, but so wonderful!
  • Now you’ll want to get back onto Salisbury Road, heading towards Moncton – but we’re turning off on Lower Mountain Road! Head up to the Homestead Road, and turn right (though take a look to the left to see the Explore tower covered in lights near the Mountain Top Motel). Keep a look out for the amazing start near the Berry Mills exit on your way towards Moncton.
  • You’re going to turn off Homestead onto Route 126 – but just for a moment! Turn as if you’re stopping into Lyon’s Country Store, and make your way to 3202 Mountain Road. This incredible display is set to music, featuring more than 35,000 lights. It’s one of my favourites!
  • Continue on Mountain Road, towards the Casino. You’ll spy some of the amazing lights at the Zoo as you drive by; a visit here is always a treat, too.
  • By Glad Tidings Chruch, turn onto Sunshine Drive. From here, it’s a left onto Oak Ridge Drive, then a right onto Falcon. All of these streets have some lovely displays & homes (another area you could enjoy a walking tour!) but 22 & 59 Falcon are stand outs. (Remember this area for Halloween decorations, too!)
  • From here, we suggest making your way back to Mountain Road, then turning left onto Frampton Lane. Lots of great houses to admire along here; in particular, take the right turn to check out the handiwork at 62 Thistlevale Drive. Take Mount Pleasant Road back to Mountain. Now, we’re turning right & then a quick left onto Hildegard Drive.
  • Just as you get onto Hildegard Drive, you’re going to take a left onto Laforge – the house right here on the corner is such fun! We’re getting to the star of the night – the Hogan’s home at 114 Pasadena Drive. You’re going to want to stop, maybe even have a snack. We loved watching one family cuddle in the trunk of their vehicle to watch the display, while a little soul danced away on the sidewalk. The show begins at 5:30pm each night, and goes until 10pm. Here’s just a tiny snippet from a previous year – we don’t want to ruin the fun by sharing too much!!
  • Leaving Passadena, make your way to Mailhot (via Barrieau, Ivy, & Hildegard), turning left and driving until you turn right on Ryan Road. Follow along until you can turn onto Amiens Drive, which brings you to another musical light show at 73 Salengro Cresent.
  • Without stops, this is easily an hour route, so with hot chocolate & cookies stops and time spent admiring the hard work of these homeowners, this route will be a full evening outing for you & your loved ones.

Here’s a quick visual of our favourite route:


Our favourite go-to for keeping little hands busy is homemade play-dough. It’s perfect for hours & hours of play, wonderful for gifting, & and so fun to add a little sparkle or scent! Grab our recipe here. We also love simple crafts that can double at gift tags or Christmas cards!

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toddler friendly christmas tree ideas
There’s something magical about heading into the woods to choose a Christmas tree. We’ve rounded up details on all kinds of Christmas Tree U-Pick Farms around New Brunswick to help you make this dream come true!


new brunswick made hot chocolate board pickle planet moncton maple syrup molases whipped cream

Your mouth is watering now, right?! Those mugs of hot chocolate, topped with homemade whipped cream & all kinds of New Brunswick goodies like crushed Chicken Bones, Wabanaki Maple Syrup, and Crosby’s Molasses are a perfect way to indulge this season! We created this charcuterie-style Hot Chocolate Dessert Board


There was a great post on Facebook about local spots for a fancy hot chocolate. Here are a few spots in Greater Moncton to grab a special treat!

  • Cafe Archibald got mad love for its Famous Grandma’s Hot Chocolate; I think we’re going to have to make a trip soon to try it out ourselves!
  • Salisbury’s Wright’s Bakery’s has incredible treats and winter drinks.
  • We’ve also enjoyed a few holiday flavours at Cafe Duo, too! 
  • Cafe l’amiral’s eggnog lattes and peppermint hot chocolates are a must if you’re downtown.
  • The Ice Cream Barn in Riverview reopens in December for fancy hot chocolates & treats!
  • Cinnamon Soul Cafe & Bakery is always worth the trip to Hillsborough – and we hear great things about their hot chocolate.
  • Tony’s Bistro & Pâtisserie is so cozy & delicious; the perfect spot to curl up with a cup. Their sister location, Atelier Tony in Dieppe, is another great option!
  • We love stopping into Damascus Coffee in Riverview; the options for lattes & more are just about endless!
  • Tim Hortons has a Peppermint Hot Chocolate, IHOP offers a Christmas Oreo Hot Chocolate, and Second Cup & Starbucks of course both have fun seasonal flavours, too. Many of the larger chains offer online ordering in advance for a quick drive-thru pick-me-up – which can be a life-saver with little kids during the holidays!

Do you have a favourite local spot for hot chocolate? Let us know so we can add to this list!

Looking for a healthy seasonal snack? Why not roast up some Curried Christmas Nuts! This is a family favourite – and can be a great giftable item for those who can enjoy nuts.

curried christmas nuts recipe spiced healthy snack

Christmas parties are smaller this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix up a fancy cocktail or two to enjoy! Here are two tasty options from our 2019 holiday party.

Mix a Merry Mojito

  • Muddle (mash) mint, sugar, and lime juice in a tall glass
  • Fill with ice and add soda water
  • Add rum (if desired)
  • Garnish with mint leaves & cranberries

simple holiday mocktail cocktail recipe garnish cocoa room moncton riverview pickle planet podcast

Christmas Margarita

  • Rim a short glass with lime juice and coarse salt
  • Add tequila and triple sec if desired
  • Add lime juice and cranberry juice
  • Garnish with a lime twist and cranberry skewer, add some pomegranate seeds

For more drink ideas, check out our 2019 Pickle Planet Podcast Christmas Party Episode – complete with video!


Portable North Pole is a great online resource for personalized messages from Santa and the elves, colouring pages, and online stories.

Good to Know: If your kids are sticklers for detail, be warned: while you can personalize several parts of Santa’s message, most of his video remains the same. My three kiddos didn’t question that their videos were almost identical, but older siblings might notice. You might want to do a family video.

In previous years, you could sneak a peak of Santa feeding his reindeer before the big day on the Reindeer Webcam, but this year it’s a lovely view of an impressive Santa float in Baddeck, Cape Breton.

You’re likely familiar with the NORAD Santa Tracker; it’s been sharing details about Santa’s Christmas Eve flights for more than 50 years. For a great little story on how it all started (a misprint in a Sears ad!), check out this NPR story.

Good to know: If you need help coaxing little ones into bed, Santa tends to fly over New Brunswick starting around 9pm (though he does backtrack to ensure no one is missed).

YOU MIGHT ALSO WANT TO READ … our CHRISTMAS CHEAT SHEET! Tips for wrapping, holiday games, and more.

Here are a few more posts you might find helpful this Christmas season – or next!