How to make simple yet stunning holiday mocktails and cocktails

With holidays come parties. And with parties come festive drinks. And while mocktails are not a new trend, we’d like to encourage you to give them some special consideration this season to ensure every guest has the best experience possible.

simple holiday mocktail cocktail recipe cocoa room moncton riverview pickle planet podcast
Mermaid Water, Mojito, and Christmas Margarita can all be made with or without alcohol so everyone can enjoy a festive beverage at your next holiday party!

More and more people are speaking up about their experiences feeling pressured or judged about alcohol at parties. There can be any number of reasons why a person chooses to abstain or indulge – and none of those reasons need to be questioned or shared.

If you’re hosting a party this season, we’d encourage you to ensure there are mocktails and cocktails available that look the same so that everyone can feel they’re sharing in a festive treat without announcing to the room whether or not they’re drinking alcohol.

On this episode of the Pickle Planet podcast, Jenna & Tosh head to The Cocoa Room for a little mixology lesson with Tosha Whalen, featuring mocktails that look and taste like their cocktail counterparts – and learn that the magic really lies in the garnishes!

simple holiday mocktail cocktail recipe garnish cocoa room moncton riverview pickle planet podcast

Here’s what you need to create the drinks made during this episode:

Merry Mojito

Muddle (mash) mint, sugar, and lime juice in a tall glass
Fill with ice and add soda water
Add rum if desired
Garnish with mint leaves & cranberries

Christmas Margarita

Rim a short glass with lime juice and coarse salt
Add tequila and triple sec if desired
Add lime juice and cranberry juice
Garnish with a lime twist and cranberry skewer, add some pomegranate seeds

Mermaid Water

Fill a Mason jar with ice
Add spiced rum and Malibu rum if desired
A pineapple juice and lemonade
Top with a splash of Blue Curacao or Blue Mix
Add a touch of lime juice
Garnish with orange slices or triangles, Sweedish red berries or raspberries

Happy holiday entertaining, everyone!

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