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Three Simple Christmas Literacy Crafts for Preschoolers

Christmas is a great time for crafting with kids, and it’s always a bonus to sneak in a little learning, like we did with these simple, sweet Christmas Literacy Crafts that are perfect for preschoolers!

christmas literacy crafts simple preschool toddler letter recognition

This is one of the simplest crafts and so fun! Cut a few sheets of green paper into triangles and write one letter on each triangle. Stack the triangles to form your name – and a Christmas tree!

You can start with your child’s name, but why not move on and do other family members? Save them to use as personalized gift tags on presents to grandparents, etc. They’ll be a huge hit – and help you knock one more item off the to do list!

A variation on our first Christmas Literacy Craft, this one uses full names on longer pieces of paper.

I cut out one large green triangle, then sectioned it off and wrote out our names. (It helps if you have names of different lengths, but it’s not necessary.) Because I wanted the kids to work on placing the objects back in order based on size, I cut them out and mixed the pieces up, but this is a great craft to let preschoolers work on cutting skills, too.

You could also mix this up with various word combinations: words that represent Christmas to you, the presents a child is asking for, people you’ll be visiting this holiday, etc.

christmas literacy crafts simple preschool toddler letter recognition

I really enjoy the look of this one! I have a small Christmas bulb cookie cutter that I used as s stencil, but you could free-hand a tear-drop shape to make these, too.

We did small lights with the letters of our names, then just glued them to a piece of paper with a little squiggly black line to make a string of lights. This would be another fun, easy alternative to a gift tag on someone’s gift. You could also do larger bulbs and string them up to make a banner with phrases like Be Jolly or Merry Christmas!

Looking for ideas for kids who already have a great grasp on the alphabet?

Try coming up with a Christmas ABC list. The six-year-old and I did this and I was amazed with some of the words she chose – and the fact she was offering up French words as often as English ones. (Yay, Grade 1 French Immersion!) She was even able to correct some of my feeble spelling attempts. 🙂

Warning: Q, X, and Z can be tricky – with a little help from Google and a conversation thread between some teachers, we went with XOXOs and ZZZZs. I’d love to know what you come up with!

You could also try some writing prompts, either solo or together, depending on their skills and whether or not you want to collaborate or encourage independent creativity. These are two of my favourites: just give the child this direction and let them fill in the rest!

If Santa were stuck in my chimney, I would …

If Rudolph were sick, Santa would have to …

We often do what our kids call ‘pass around stories‘ in the van while driving; these are great prompts to use for getting the creative juices flowing for that, too! You give the first sentence then pass the story along to the next person to add a line.

Happy Creating, Everyone!

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  1. Sally M. Hawkins December 24, 2017 at 5:29 am

    Nice ideas. 🙂 My kids will love this! Thanks for shairing.

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