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Top Baby Names in New Brunswick in 2021

The official list of New Brunswick’s most popular baby names of 2021 is filled with a few surprises – and some not-so-surprising picks!

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Liam is the most popular baby name in New Brunswick for a second year in a row (2021 & 2020), and has been in the Top 20 every year but one since 2005. How many Liams do you know from New Brunswick?


New Brunswick is known for its deep loyalty to the monarchy, which might be why we see William and Charlotte in second and third place for baby names in 2021 (and some of the most popular names over the several years).

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has eight great-grandchildren as we enter into 2022; many of their names, as well as their parents, are found among New Brunswick’s most popular choices, including:

  • William (as in, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge)
  • Charlotte (his daughter)
  • Isla (granddaughter of Anne, Princess Royal)
  • Lucas (grandson of Anne, the Princess Royal)

A few great-grandchild names not on the list, in case you’re looking for inspiration:

  • Savannah
  • Lena
  • Sienna
  • August
  • George (hard to believe, but this hasn’t been in New Brunswick most popular list for decades – if ever!)
  • Louis
  • Archie

The name Mia (another granddaughter of Anne, Princess Royal) has appeared off and on in New Brunswick’s most popular list over the past decade. And while Archie’s sister, Lilibet or Lili, doesn’t see her spelling appear, the name Lily has made New Brunswick’s Most Popular list nearly a dozen times since 2008.

Why not dip into the Queen’s grandchildren’s names? Consider Zara or Beatrice if you’re in the mood for something a little different.


In 2021, the names Jackson, Jack, and Jaxon all made the Most Popular list, as did Jacob and James. Did you know: Jacob was the top baby name for New Brunswick boys in 2000? Joshua was right behind him!


Back in 2000, Emily and Emma were at the top spots for baby girl names in New Brunswick. In 2021, Emma is still in the Top 30 overall, along with Ellie and Ella.


These names appeared on the Most Popular list for the first time in 2021:

  • Levi
  • Theodore
  • Gabriel
  • Paisley
  • Eli


Henry returned to the list for the first time since making it in 2018. He brought along his pal James, whose made the list a few times in the recent past.

Willow also returned, after being away for a few years, as did Abigail.

Sophia was back, after dropping down on the list last year. Same with Logan and Owen.


After rocking the list in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015, Amelia didn’t appear this year. Ava, with even more top appearances than Amelia, also didn’t make the list in 2021.

After a couple years, Violet and Scarlet have both moved off the most popular list, too.

Most of the traditionally boys’ names stayed consistent over the past few years, but some more recent favourites that still remained off the top spots this year include Xavier, Samuel, and Caleb.

Want to see the full list? Here it is, according to the Government of New Brunswick.

Top Baby Names in New Brunswick in 2021

  1. Liam
  2. William
  3. Charlotte
  4. Oliver
  5. Benjamin
  6. Noah
  7. Owen
  8. Levi
  9. Thomas
  10. Jackson
  11. Henry
  12. Olivia
  13. Jacob
  14. Hudson
  15. Jack
  16. James
  17. Theodore
  18. Sophia
  19. Logan
  20. Ellie
  21. Gabriel
  22. Paisley
  23. Lincoln
  24. Eli
  25. Sophie
  26. Willow
  27. Isla
  28. Emma
  29. Ella
  30. Abigail
  31. Lucas
  32. Jaxon

Want to see how names have shifted over the last few decades? Check it out!

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