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Canadian Gender Equity aims to support queer families, offer education & advocacy

New East Coast organization supports queer families, promotes inclusive education & learning

We first met LGBTQ+ educator and advocate Corey Hunter in Season 2, when she joined us to share her thoughts on how parents can be supportive of a transgendered child. During that chat, she dropped a few hints that something big was in the works – and now she’s back to tell us all about Canadian Gender Equity, as well as challenges facing the queer community during COVID-19.

Canadian Gender Equity offers a wealth of resources & supports, including a robust website filled with short videos, webinars, and information for parents, families, individuals, workplaces, and more. Their hope is “to inspire Canadians to embody the positive change they want to see in the world around them, through community action, active learning, and inclusive language.”

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LISTEN: How to be a supportive parent to a transgender child


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