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Shifting Your Family’s Energy: Exploring Healing Touch in Parenting

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Humming for Health; however, as you will read, this is an honest account of my experiences.

I made myself a bracelet of amethyst and rose quartz once. I poured over the stones, found the ones that were just right, and spent hours stringing them together, thinking of how I wanted to believe they would draw love and peace to me. All around me now I see women making and purchasing similar bracelets, carefully choosing mala beads that represent feelings they are searching for daily. Only I made my bracelet about 25 years ago, and no one else around me was doing the same. In fact, I felt that the people in my life didn’t respect my desire to believe in the power of crystals and positive thinking, so I kept my thoughts private and eventually stopped believing.

Over the past two decades, I’ve moved further and further away from that girl who thought there was some ‘magic’ at work in the world. So when Jeanne Balcom reached out recently, offering to perform a healing touch energy treatment and share about how she hopes to help mothers and children with her talent, I was a tad skeptical – but willing to try.

“Healing touch practice is basically a way to balance your energy,” says Jeanne. Before the session begins, we go over my medical history and what areas of my body might be causing me any pain. Jeanne explains that her practice began as an extension of her career as a nurse.

“I was the biggest Doubting Thomas in the class,” recalls Jeanne. “But the proof was how calm I felt, not only during the class, but several weeks later. My kids were young at the time and tended to push my buttons, especially my youngest. And [after the first healing touch workshop] it was just like my reaction to her was different. That in itself was, like, ‘wow, what happened to me?’ So I felt I really wanted to continue, to become an instructor, and to bring it into the hospital.”

Jeanne spent many years incorporating healing touch into the care she provided as an oncology nurse. “It was something I would do in connection with medical care and psychological care. It’s just another tool, another skill set, another resource that we integrate into the healthcare system.”

After experiencing a treatment with Jeanne, I understand the comfort it could bring a patient. I think even someone who was completely cynical to the process would at least find some relaxation and relief, while others I think would feel an even greater shift in personal energy than I did. The practice involves lying on a table, under a blanket, similar to a massage. The lights are dim, the room is quiet. Jeanne’s hands hover over my body’s major chakras, shifting and adjusting energy in a way that is subtle and soothing. My mind drifts, then slowly I realize I’ve fallen asleep! Jeanne is patiently waiting for me in a chair, pleased I was able to relax so completely.

Jeanne’s daughter Kelsie-Ann joins us after my treatment, and we talk about what Jeanne mentioned about her introduction to healing touch bringing about a change in her demeanor as a parent.

“She was definitely a lot calmer,” recalls Kelsie-Ann, who also says she found physical relief thanks to her mother’s healing tough knowledge. “I had IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] issues when I was in high school and Mom helped me a lot and taught me to help myself.”

Jeanne says healing touch is also known to help children with falling asleep, staying asleep, bed wetting, and more.

“My youngest daughter, she got bullied,” says Jeanne. “One day, after a difficult day, I gave her a treatment that you give people in transition. The next day, she woke up and said, ‘I’m going to find new friends.’ And she did. That was the end of her bullying. It really shifted her attitude.”

“I was shocked,” admits Jeanne. “It really helped her mindset shift, helped her find that competence.”

healing touch moncton jeanne balcom mother parenting energy
Jeanne Balcom and her daughters, in the early years before healing touch became part of their lives.

Kelsie-Ann says she renewed her own training in healing touch once she was a parent, starting with having her mother help her prepare for labour and delivery. “I was induced with my first and Mom was there, she gave me reflexology [another service Jeanne offers clients], she was doing healing touch, to manage the pain. It was really nice.”

Kelsie-Ann says she used the techniques she learned to take control of her anxieties about birth.

“There’s so much unknown preparing for birth, but this is something that can empower you to take control and do different treatments to yourself to feel better,” says Kelsie-Ann. “It teaches you how to breathe and be centered and be calm. When I take five minutes in the morning to do my own self connection and I breathe and say my daily mantra, then I’m ready to take on the day with my energetic kids. I notice the difference on the days I don’t make that time.”

Not surprisingly, the treatment also helps Jeanne put her grandchildren to bed on sleepover nights.

“They’re in bed and sleeping by 8,” chuckles Jeanne, “and my girls say, ‘Oh, how do you do it, Mom?’!”

If you’re wondering how she does it (I know I am!), you can sign up for Jeanne’s upcoming workshop. “It’s an 18-hour course, so two days of theory as well as practice,” she says. “You’re going to learn about healing touch, but you’re also going to give and receive treatments the whole weekend, so by the end, you feel fantastic.”

The course is open to anyone, but can be used as continuing education credits for massage therapists, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners who may also qualify for funding to cover the cost. The two-day training workshop costs $420.

If a full weekend course doesn’t fit your needs, Jeanne also offers treatments for adults and children, ranging from healing touch to reflexology, including a special ‘Momma & Babe Consult’ that offers a brief overview of energy fields and healing touch that can soothe a baby. This session costs $120; some treatments may be covered by insurance providers.

“I want to reach out to the younger generation of moms and children,” says Jeanne. “I’ve seen the benefit in myself, how I became a calmer parent. I want to help parents look after themselves first, so they can then look after their children.”

For more on Humming for Health, you can visit Jeanne’s website and Facebook Page. You can also find more details on her upcoming workshop, Course 1 : Foundations of Healing Touch, here. You can also watch our chat, if you like!

We’re always looking for new ideas in our home when it comes to parenting in a more positive way. I hadn’t thought of using healing touch, but chatting with practitioner Jeanne Balcom of Humming For Health has moved this waaaay up on the list of resources I intend to pursue. Tune in to find out why! #sponsored

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