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Preemies: Then & Now

In May 2016, local photographer Jill McMillan, mom of two preemies, took ‘then & now’ photos of Moncton-area preemies who gathered for a graduates picnic. We’ve put them together as a slideshow in honour of World Prematurity Day. If you’re the proud parent of a preemie, feel free to share a then & now photo or story in the comments – it’s always amazing to see!

For more on our family’s journey with premature birth, time in the neonatal unit, twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, and raising twins, check out these posts.

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For parents seeking support, please visit the website of the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation. You might also want to take a listen to their podcast, hosted by me, Jenna Morton, of Pickle Planet.

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