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Wake Up To Yellow in New Brunswick

Disclosure: This post and my appearance at #WakeUpToYellow in Fredericton is sponsored by the Egg Farmers of Canada, but all opinions and stories shared are my own honest experiences.

I used to be that person who brought pretty baby blankets and cute outfits to baby showers and first meetings with new little bundles. Now, I know better. I’ve learned that the way to a new mama’s heart is through her stomach, with quick, protein-packed snacks and meals that can be consumed with one hand while she nurses/feeds/burps/rocks with the other. And mamas (and papas and everyone else who loves to start the day with a smile), I’ve got something fun to share with you!

I’d love to help you grab a quick, filling, healthy meal and bring a little burst of yellow happiness into your morning routine. I’m going to be hanging out with some awesome local egg farmers on Thursday, June 6 outside City Hall in Fredericton to hand out yummy breakfast sandwiches! I hope you can stop by and enjoy a meal you don’t have to prepare!

Gifted meal are always the best, aren’t they? My early days with the kids are still a bit of blur, but I can distinctly recall the first time I enjoyed a crustless quiche. A friend brought over when our daughters were toddlers and I was pregnant with twins; the girls giggled and called it cake. I called it heaven: a quick, healthy meal that was simple to make, easy to reheat, and filled with protein.

Eggs continue to be the go-to meal in our family, especially when we’re busy and I want to make sure the kids are filling up on nutritious, healthy foods that will keep their energy up – and hopefully their hangry tantrums down! I spent a lot of time last year learning more about healthy eating, in particular understanding more about the need for protein in our daily meals. One egg can add 6.5 grams of protein to a meal, not to mention the 14 nutrients it provides. And you can whip up an egg-based meal in under 10 minutes – what’s not to love?!

I really hope you can come out to enjoy breakfast on us on June 6th – whether you’re still in those sleep-deprived days of babies at home, caught up in the rush of work, or happily feeling the balance of life, a free breakfast can only make your day better, right?

I’ll be hanging out with some local egg farmers and the crew from Egg Farmers of Canada at Phoenix Square (City Hall) all morning, from 7:30am until 10:30am to help Fredericton Wake Up to Yellow on Thursday, June 6, 2019. Please, pop by and say hi! You can enjoy a warm egg breakfast sandwich, a veggie-packed egg wrap, or some lovely yellow flowers to brighten your day. Plus, you can chat with the folks who are providing the eggs you buy. It’s so important to make those connections these days, understanding where our food comes from and how it makes its journey to our plates. I’m super excited to meet some local farmers and hopefully see you, too!

Come on out and bring the family, your co-workers, your bestie, or whoever else is around! We can’t wait to see you and help you Wake Up to Yellow on June 6!

Bonus: Want to try your own crustless quiche cake? You can find a recipe similar to the one we make, along with lots more, here.


One thought on “Wake Up To Yellow in New Brunswick

  1. Jen June 3, 2019 at 8:09 am

    Sounds fun! Eggs are my go-to every week. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks…they are the perfect choice!

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