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Sum Good freezies are the healthy, local snack we’ll be enjoying this summer and all year round!

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Healthy freezies, locally made in New Brunswick

As a parent, the hunt for healthy snacks is pretty much never ending. And if you’re like me and have picky eaters, trying to find ways to ensure at least something your kid eats each day includes some fruits or veggies is an even tougher job. If you’re feeling these words, I have a solution for you: Sum Good freezies!

Yes, freezies are the answer to your quest for healthy, fruit-filled, YUMMY snacks. These made-in-New Brunswick treats are great year-round for pretty much everything: they’re perfect for after school snacks, post-workout pick-me-ups, soothing sore throats, and so much more.

sum good freezie healthy treat pickle planet moncton

What is a ‘fruit-first freezie?’

Lots of foods claim to be healthy, but are vague on what that means. Sum Good is pretty clear on the topic.

When you check out Sum Good’s website (, you’ll see the phrase ‘fruit-first hydrating freezie’ a lot. Not only does it sound good, but also it describes the fact the majority ingredient in each little tube is pressed fruit. All the fruit is sourced within Atlantic Canada, meaning you’re helping local producers, too. There are no sugar alcohols and 6g of sugar per freezie. There are no dyes and no added ‘natural flavours.’ Their blend of electrolytes is a 5 to 1 ratio of potassium to sodium (East Coast sea salt!), meaning they’re low sodium, too (similar products are often a 3 to 1 ratio). If you’re looking for vegan treat options, you’ve found one!

Bottom line for me, though; they taste amazing and act as a perfect thirst/hunger quencher. These freezies are packed with fruit and quicker to grab than a smoothie. The electrolytes make them an ideal option when you or the kids have been hard at play or if you’re feeling under the weather.

sum good healthy fruit freezie pickle planet moncton

New Brunswick innovation

Sum Good launched in late 2021, founded by April Glavine and Matt Pennell. Both entrepreneurs were born in Newfoundland and now call New Brunswick home. April’s passion for bringing healthy food choices to others fueled her first venture, Lean Machine Health Vending Service, which saw national success and landed her in front of people like Prince Charles. Matt is an award-winning chef who has worked alongside Michelin Star and 4 Diamond chefs from here to California and co-founded the Tide and Board Restaurant in 2010. Their kiddos smiling faces are all over the Sum Good brand and it’s easy to see what keeps these two business partners motivated!

Where to buy Sum Good fruit freezies

If you’re local to the Moncton area, stock up on Sum Good freezies at local retailers like The Wellness Exchange, MacArthur’s Market, Dolma Food, and Sequoia Trinity. You can also buy online; they ship across Canada (please note, there are shipping fees).

We used the shipping option to send a few 12-packs (6 mixed berry, 6 apple) to friends in Ontario. Mom is recently diagnosed with breast cancer and heading for surgery; the freezies will be a great option for her, as well as a healthy snack for the kids and dad – who we know will love these post-run! A nice bonus: until May 8, 2002, Sum Good is donating $1 from each sale to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada as part of that organization’s Million Steps to Mother’s Day campaign, with an option to add an additional donation on check out.

Our family LOVES supporting Sum Good. They taste great, they’re local, they’re full of fruit and electrolytes, and the folks behind this company are fantastic people with a true passion for what they do and why they do it. This isn’t about big business, though I see big thing in their future. This is about creating a quality product they wanted to exist for their own families and sharing it with the world. Check them out, then come back and let us know what you think of Sum Good freezies in the comments!

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