Soul Of Motion – Mazda Driving Experience

One of the perks of maintaining a website and an active social media presence is being invited to fun events. This week, it was the Mazda #SoulofMotion tour.


I’m not much of a car person, really. Sometimes I shop by colour, other times it’s the style. I can tell you barely anything about what’s under the hood of the vehicles I drive. But even I was excited to climb into the sporty little 2016 MX-5 roadster and spin around the closed course set up in the Moncton Coliseum parking lot.

I have to admit I didn’t exaclty push the car to its limits; the saleman laughed at my cautious speed through the straightaway. I’m not always a slow driver, but I’m not used to the quick accelerations and abrupt stops that a closed course calls for. I still smiled through the track, though, and enjoyed handling the sports car in the setting sun.

“It’s a fun car,” agrees my husband, who gets much more out of test drives than I do. “It felt like you were part of the car. It drove like a comfortable go-cart; going exactly where you wanted it to, responding how you expected.”

More practical for our lifestyle are the Mazda crossover SUVs, which were also on hand for test drives at the Soul of Motion event. I was impressed how easily the CX-5 handled the tight curves set up, while maintaining a smooth ride. The SUVs are said to have the same ‘soul of a sports car’ and I would say that’s accurate. There’s obviously a difference between breezing around in a two-seater MX-5 roadster with the top down and piling the family into an SUV, but sitting behind the wheel of both models was enjoyable.

The one thing I usually read up on before purchasing a car is its safety rating and features. Mazda promotes its i-ACTIVESENSE Safety Technology, which includes features such as blind spot monitoring, high beam control, adaptive front lighting, and a rear cross traffic alert system, which lets you know of other vehicles approaching when backing out of a spot. The CX-5 has a superior safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

We’re not in the market for a new car, but if we were, Mazda would be one of the frontrunners. It’s a great brand for families; recent accolades include being named the ‘Best Tech Family Car’ (Mazda 6) and the ‘Best Value Family Car’ (CX-5). For a proper review of my top pick, the 2016 CX-5, check out Car & Driver. They seem to love it, too!


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