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Pickle Planet Podcast: Community over Competition

It’s a mantra that serves so many aspects of life, but one that can be difficult to practice in some industries: community over competition. This relationship can be particularly tricky, yet also wonderfully inspiring, when it comes to artists and creators making handmade goods in a small city or town. Gillian MacMichael, owner of Oh Baby, sits down to chat with Jenna and Tosh about how a group of local clothing designers find ways to work collaboratively and support each other. You can listen via the link below our photo (we needed to show you Gillian’s awesome foxy shirt that she made!) or subscribe via iTunes or Spotify so you never miss an episode of the Pickle Planet Podcast! Did you know we’re almost at episode 40?! Drop a note in the comments if you have ideas you’d love to hear us discuss. We’ve got some great guests lined up for the next few weeks and some fun projects in the works, but we always love your input!

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