One woman’s journey to an ADHD diagnosis in middle age

Kelly MacDonald Mason wants others to know the freedom and peace that come with an ADHD diagnosis. The Riverview mother recently discovered she has ADHD, in part because of her daughter’s journey and a new online diagnostic service available in New Brunswick. Listen as Kelly shares her journey so far with Jenna & Tosh!

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One thought on “One woman’s journey to an ADHD diagnosis in middle age

  1. katie May 11, 2022 at 8:17 pm

    This really could have been me speaking my story. Although it was a coworkers daughter who was filling out the questionnaire when i realized it was describing me. 8 years of trying to find a pill to help ease my anxiety and to find out it was brought on by ADHD. I am so thankful to be done searching and now just able to enjoy life again.

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