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Moncton’s Queens of Heart bring hope, connection to single parents through food

Diani Blanco is an advocate in the truest sense of the word, one who turns her own experiences into actions and awareness that helps countless others in our community. She immigrated to New Brunswick as a child, lived in the foster care system, experienced youth dating abuse that escalated, found her freedom as a single mother, and now shares her story as a speaker and as a youth worker. She’s also the co-founder of Queens of Heart, an organization that helps single parents with food and support.

Diani joins Jenna & Tosh to talk about her journey, as well as the latest fundraising campaign for Queens of Heart. In collaboration with Hub City Foodies and Dolma Foods, Queens of Heart is raising funds and awareness with the You Buy a Box of Food, We Give a Box of Food campaign. Hub City Foodies prepares a locally-sourced food box with all the ingredients to create a three-course meal for four people. For each box sold, another identical box is given to a family Queens of Heart knows is in need.

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