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Linking mothers with pregnancy education in the Greater Moncton Area

Wish you’d known more about what’s actually happening to your body ‘down there’ when you were pregnant? We’ve got you covered!

The world of pelvic floor health has expanded far beyond friends sharing Kegel advice over coffee. More and more women considering pregnancy are reaching out to healthcare professionals for preventative education, such as that provided by a new made-in-New Brunswick online option created by physiotherapists Katie Kelly and Eryn Matheson. Motherhood Link is a must for new moms – and watch for some future programming for those of us who’ve already been through the process and are facing other recovery and aging issues, including menopause!

PLEASE NOTE: Since this episode originally aired, Katie & Eryn have shifted to sharing their knowledge with a brand new business, ReConnect Health Center. The centre brings together many health care providers, all focused on women’s health, under one roof, with incredible collaborative opportunities.

Katie and Eryn join Jenna and Tosh on this episode to talk about how society’s approach to preventative pelvic education is shifting and why it was important for them to create an online program. They also share lots of free advice on social media; follow their Facebook page and Instagram for great content for everyone who wants to understand more about the female body!

Regular listeners will recognize Katie from some of our best-loved podcast episodes from Season One, including discussions on sex after kids and how a pelvic floor physiotherapist might be able to help with your child’s bed wetting challenges. We suggest taking a listen to those, too!

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