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How to have the sex talk with your partner

As parents, we often focus a lot of thoughtful worry and preparation on having the ‘birds and the bees talk’ with our kids – when do we start, what do we say, how much do we reveal and when. And we’ll tackle all that some day on a podcast. But we think there’s another sex talk that parents need more help with – the one they want to have with their partner.

No matter how old you are, how long you’ve been in your relationship, or what that relationship looks like, chances are you’ve come up against some situation in your intimate interactions that’s made you wish you could still call up Sex with Sue and ask her advice. So, we basically did that for you!

Dr. Lisa Dawn Hamilton is a sex educator and researcher based in Sackville, New Brunswick. She has her own fantastic podcast, Do We Know Things, that tackles the assumptions behind some of our general sexual lore, like Does Testosterone Make You Horny? and Who Wants Sex More?. We invited her to join us for a Valentine’s Day episode of the Pickle Planet Moncton Podcast – and we asked you to send in your questions for her! Tune in to hear a great discussion about sex & how to have ‘the talk’ with your partner, and watch for more episodes with Lisa Dawn in the future.

how to have the sex talk with your partner

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