Groundhog Day Puppet

Create your own little weather-predicting rodent with this easy Groundhog Day Puppet craft!


  • paper (two shades of brown and white work great)
  • black crayon or maker
  • googly eyes (optional)
  • popsicle stick
  • small tube or cup
  • cotton balls/green tissue paper (optional)


  • Cut out three heart shapes, one on each colour paper. Two hearts, one white and one brown, should be roughly the same size, while one should be larger. You’ll have to judge by the size of your paper tube; you want the groundhog to be able to fold in half and slide down into the tube.

  • Glue the two smaller hearts on either end of the larger one, to make ears and teeth.

  • Use a marker or crayon to draw on a nose (the heart shape works, or a triangle), a few whiskers, and eyes if you’re not using googly eyes. (If you are, glue them on now. You could also find some black paper or ribbon to use for the nose and whiskers, depending on your stash of goodies and your child’s level of dexterity/interest.)

  • Glue the groundhog to the popsicle stick.

  • If you have the time/supplies/desire, decorate the top (or all!) of your tube. If you’re optimistic, perhaps you’ll go with some green tissue paper for grass. We chose some cotton balls to look like snow; white paper would also do the trick.

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