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Family Moves: What To Ask Realtors to Find Family Friendly Neighbourhoods

Location, location, location.

That’s the real estate mantra we all know, right?

Buying a home is a huge commitment with a seemingly never-ending list of must-haves. Top on the list for most families is making sure your new home is in a family-friendly neighbourhood. This is one of the key areas where having a good relationship with a local realtor can make a big difference.

Brent Ryan is the father of two and has lived in Moncton for more than 20 years. He knows what families are looking for, and where to find it. He shares his list of ‘must ask questions’ potential home buyers can use to find their perfect spot.

“Choosing a neighbourhood is never an easy undertaking,” says Brent. “There are many things to consider and establishing your priorities is the first place to start. Do you want to be near where you grew up, close to work, near schools, or do you have a certain spot in mind just because?”

Brent says most young families look for neighbourhoods with schools, parks, and other families with children. Here are few questions Brent and his team at Keller Williams suggest you ask your real estate agent when considering a home with a young family in mind.

What schools could my child attend if we lived here?

There are two school boards in the area, an Anglophone one and a Francophone one. If you’re moving within the GMA, you might want to ensure your children don’t have to transfer schools, and if you’re new to the area, you want to know which board you can register with and what schools are nearby. You also want to ask about transportation; will you be in walking/biking distance, or will your kids be bus students? Consider how either option will fit into your new daily routine.

How do I find local daycares/after-school care?

You find a list of all the licensed care facilities listed on the province’s website.

What are the nearby playgrounds, parks, and community centres?

There are lots of great spaces to enjoy with your family in the Greater Moncton Area. You can find a list of playgrounds and parks on Pickle Planet Moncton, as well as weekly round ups of family friendly events, links to local attractions, and much more to help you connect with the community.

We want to be around other families with kids; how can we make that happen?

Finding a home near families with similar age kids isn’t an exact science. A quiet cul de sac could be filled with young families or empty nesters. Homes near downtown work locations and public transit might have more university and college students than young families. A realtor can help you sort through some of these concerns, helping you determine what the neighbourhood is really like. A great tip Brent and his team share with clients is to take some time and walk around the neighbourhood, not just the house. See if there are strollers and bikes and playsets in the nearby yards, chat to folks walking their dogs about the local vibe, consider how close the home is to the local library, etc.

“Once you have the foundation set as to what’s important to you, you can leave the rest to us,” says Brent. “We are very fortunate to live in a city with so many great options for the entire family and it spreads far and wide through many different neighbourhoods!”

Trying to sell your home while searching for a new one? We’ve also got tips on home staging with kids!

This post was co-written with Brent Ryan and his team at Keller Williams. Contact them today to discuss your real estate needs in the Greater Moncton Area. You can also follow their blog for more tips on home ownership!

If you’re interested in a similar collaboration to highlight your business, please contact Pickle Planet Moncton to chat!

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