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Parenting through adversity: a mother’s journey with infertility, fostering, and special needs

“Everything about her has come as surprise and a blessing.”

Those are words Kim Plume Marr wrote about her youngest daughter, Robyn, nine months after the little girl underwent an intense surgery to address her Coronal Craniosyntosis, a condition in which parts of an infant’s skull fuse too soon.

Craniosynostosis moncton parenting podcast
Photos of Robyn, taken six months apart, pre and post surgery for craniosynostosis.

Robyn’s diagnosis came after a long journey to parenthood, one in which Kim and her husband, Glen, also dealt with years of trying to conceive, accepting infertility, fostering dozens of children in their home, and welcoming two other biological children.

To hear more of Kim’s story, click play on this episode of the Pickle Planet Podcast. You can also read more on Kim’s blog:

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