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Pickle Planet Podcast: When Your Partner Works Away

Every family dynamic is slightly different, but we think anyone who spends time ‘soloparenting’ will find themselves nodding along in agreement with this week’s episode.

Jenna & Tosh are joined by talented mama Lynn Colepaugh, who balances life with a young daughter, a full roster of clients for her social media marketing business, and a musician husband who often leaves on tour for stretches of time. (That’s him in our cover photo, multi-award winning rocker Chris Colepaugh, a local Riverview boy making a living pursuing his talent and passion – in large part because of the steps he and Lynn take to make it work.)

You can listen to the podcast episode right here, or head over to iTunes or Spotify and subscribe, so you never miss an episode! We’ve shared nearly two dozen episodes so far, with some amazing guests and the odd rant. Have a topic you’d like to hear us (and experienced guests!) talk about? Drop a note in the comments; we’ve loved following up on your ideas to talk about how you teach children to respectfully approach classmates with differences, thoughts on addressing cannabis legalization with your kids, how pelvic floor physiotherapy might curb bedwetting in kids, and more.

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