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kartSTART Driving Fun in Moncton ~ PROMO CODE!

I remember three birthdays vividly from my childhood.

I waited and waited to turn five, because I wanted to go to school. I was not impressed in May when I was told I had to wait until September to get on the bus. False advertising!

Turning 13 meant a sleepover with no sleep and all the pranks we could imagine.

Then there was 16. I’m not sure I can even now articulate how excited I was to take my written driver’s test and get behind the wheel. I waited and waited and waited to be allowed to drive.

My daughter is years away from her 16th birthday, but I’m pretty sure she’s also already counting down the days until she can take control. She even drools over motorized kids’ toys!

So when I told her there was a chance to get behind the wheel of a real vehicle and learn from a race car pro, right here in Moncton, she was amazed.

Toyota and Russ Bond are bringing their kartSTART driving experience to Moncton August 24, 25, & 27. They’ve offered my family & all Pickle Planet readers a great deal on this half-day event; the details are at the end of the post. While this isn’t a little kid event (you must be 10 to drive the kart), children are welcome to observe with an adult – and how cool would this be to do alongside your pre-teen, teen, or even a grown child!

The goal of the program is to introduce safe driving at a young age (participants must be 10 years or older and weigh at least 60lbs for insurance purposes), having young drivers learn about safety and feeling secure driving a go-kart, so that they are less likely to be overwhelmed when they do finally move behind the wheel and onto the roads at 16. As someone who never attended a driving course, I totally support this idea! I often comment that my driving skills could still be much improved with a little coaching and practice. Good thing adults are welcome, too!

The kartSTART half-day program starts with a safety briefing, followed by fittings for helmets and racing suits. (Um, hello, how cool will that be?!) Semi-retired professional racing driver Russ Bond then explains the go-karts’ features and splits the group into two, based on driving experience. The comes two 15-minute driving sessions on the track, coached by instructors and Russ, who lets riders test their limits just enough to get a proper understanding of how the vehicles really operate.

Next comes a session looking over Toyota vehicles, with a focus on the cars’ safety features. Then it’s something just for those who’ve experienced the joy of their 16th birthday – all licensed drivers go out on a wet track (with an instructor) to truly test out the brakes! (The rest of the family can ride along, so they don’t miss out on ALL the fun of this part.)

The day isn’t about learning the rules of the road, but more about how to be empowered behind the wheel. That’s definitely something I’m interested in sharing with my children. I was never one for knowing much about cars. I did once help change a tire and jump the battery, and I learned how to check the oil and to keep up with scheduled maintenance. But the actual mechanics of a car are still mostly a mystery to me; my husband is frustrated I’ve yet to learn to drive a standard! I’m hoping – and encouraging – our kids to learn more about driving and vehicles than I did, and kartSTART seems like a great program for us all to learn a bit together and hopefully spark a lifelong interest in learning for them.

Want to check it out, too?

There are morning and afternoon sessions on August 24, 25, and 27 at the Champlain Motorsports Park in Dieppe. SPACES ARE LIMITED so don’t dilly dally!

Click here and use the PROMO CODE Pickle when you register. Pickle Planet readers using the code receive a $20 discount, which brings the cost down to $59 plus tax.

Lunch is included (and even provided to the designated family photographer you might bring along to watch the fun!). Bilingual instructors are available.

Can’t make the Moncton dates? Check out the stops in Halifax, Montreal, and Trois-Rivières this month, too. Don’t forget to use the code Pickle when signing up!


DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored via kartSTART by Toyota.

kartSTART moncton
Don’t forget to use the PROMO CODE Pickle to get a $20 discount on your kartSTART tickets this summer! Perfect for kids and kids at heart!





4 thoughts on “kartSTART Driving Fun in Moncton ~ PROMO CODE!

  1. Mireille McIntyre August 8, 2017 at 11:11 am

    Oh my boys would like this

    • Jenna Morton August 11, 2017 at 9:35 am

      I hope so, Mireille! Expect an email from Toyota soon!

  2. Elouise Kitchen August 8, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    This sounds great , thank you for sharing this info . I have 4 ( out of our 9 children!) that are old enough to go , if we won we would make it a priority to send a couple kids.

    • Jenna Morton August 11, 2017 at 9:34 am

      Thank you for entering the contest, Elouise! Expect an email from Toyota soon! 🙂

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