Why we struggle to celebrate our own success

Did you see the call going around asking for more ‘top x under x’ lists that actually celebrate success in later life?

This call out resonated SO deeply with us – and not just because Jenna no longer qualifies for a Top 40 Under 40 nomination.

We’re so afraid of the ‘humble brag,’ many of us have conditioned ourselves not to celebrate our successes at all. Being proud of what you’ve accomplished – and letting your friends and family share their pride in you – is a powerful tool that we should all embrace.

We want you to be confident and feel empowered. Share that win, whether it’s completing a small personal task or a major professional milestone. (In fact, we’d LOVE if you shared it in the comments below so we can cheer you on – or share this post & include it in your message. And don’t stop there – tell your friends to share their stories, too!)

On this episode of the Pickle Planet Podcast, Tosh & Jenna are joined by ‘people specialist’ Michelle Alcorn, who talks about why we need to break down this barrier to celebrating ourselves – and gives some shout outs to local businesses and the Albert County Chamber of Commerce annual awards.

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