why we put a Haven LUX Rejuvenate queen mattress in our child's room pickle planet moncton

Why we have a queen-size luxury Haven mattress in our child’s room

Disclosure: We were offered this mattress in exchange for sharing our thoughts with you. All opinions are our own.

Why we put a queen-size, luxury mattress-in-a-box in our child’s room

I’ve slept SO much better since we got our Haven mattress, it’s almost unbelievable — especially since the mattress isn’t even in my room!

The queen size LUX Rejuvenate went to our youngest son’s room. The kid who’d been making it a nightly routine to come sleep in our master, often taking over my spot before I arrived.

Sometimes he’d scamper in, middle of the night, mentioning a bad dream or shivering from fear or cold. But more often than not, it happened before he even went to sleep. Considering he’d always shared a room, sometimes even a bed, with his brother until recently, we thought maybe it was loneliness that was driving him from his room. But it had crossed my mind that maybe the hand-me-down-from-family single mattress in his room was part of the problem. I mean, I’d ended up sleeping in there enough to know it was fine, but nothing truly inviting.

Enter Haven.

Haven LUX Rejuvenate queen mattress pickle planet moncton sleepover ready

I have to admit, I’m not one for a lot of bells and whistles and fancy marketing. But there are more than a few things about this company and its mattresses that appeal to my desire to make more thoughtful choices in our family’s purchases.

Haven is a Canadian company. Its HQ is in Kelowna, with production facilities in Calgary & Mississauga. Materials are sourced within North America, if not fully within Canada. Mattresses are basically made-to-order; it’s a direct-to-consumer model, meaning there isn’t a stockpile of finished mattresses, sitting and waiting somewhere. The raw materials are there and when your order is placed the work begins. (There are 60 different combinations you could request, based on support level, foam, pocket coils, etc.) This doesn’t mean you have a long wait. The company says most orders are filled within a week or so!

In addition to being Canadian & quick, Haven also promises that dyes, adhesives, and other elements in their mattresses do not contain animal products or those tested on animals, and that the latex and foams used are plant-based. This means less off-gassing and a gentler end-of-life process for each mattress, as many on the commercial market are 100% polyurethane and much harder to break down. If you’re looking for a vegan mattress, take a good look at this option! (Haven is also known for being the best side sleeper mattress & as a side-sleeper, I have to agree it’s fabulous.)

You might not realize it, but basically all mattress companies donate returned items to charity whenever possible. When Haven has a large mattress that isn’t suitable for donation, they reach out to local influencers and ambassadors that might be able to accept the mattress in exchange for a promotional like this one. On top of that, Haven makes a commitment that for each 10 mattresses sold, it builds a shelter-specific mattress that is donated.

Now, what matters just as much as the values of the company is how the mattress feels, right?!

Haven LUX Rejuvenate queen mattress pickle planet moncton twin boys room

I can assure you, the LUX Haven mattress in a box is indeed luxurious! I keep sneaking into my son’s room just to sink into the mattress. Warm & cozy, it’s like falling asleep in a hug you’ve been waiting for!

My kids keep saying it’s like they’re sleeping in a hotel room.

Some of you might be questioning why an eight-year-old needs a queen bed. Honestly, he has the largest bedroom, loves to have his brother (whose bedroom shares a wall already) sleepover, and since we don’t live close to my parents, it’s fantastic to have another large, comfortable bed to offer them when they stay. I honestly wish we’d made the switch sooner; it’s come in very handy for cuddling up all together to read bedtime stories or when there’s a tummy bug on the go: no sitting on the cold floor next to a twin bed anymore!

Haven LUX Rejuvenate queen mattress pickle planet moncton hotel sleep at home

The real sign this was an amazing choice for our family? The second night we had the mattress, as I tucked my son in, I asked him: “Do you like your new bed?”

He’s the quiet one, the one least likely to show emotion, especially ooey-gooey feelings. Talks more like a teenage than an eight-year-old. “I love it, Mommy,” he said, as he cuddled under the comforter and smiled.

You won’t find a better endorsement than that.

Haven LUX Rejuvenate queen mattress pickle planet moncton sleepover twins

If you’re interested in learning more about one of the best Canadian mattress in a box companies & their amazing side-sleeper mattress, head to: www.havenmattress.ca

Haven LUX Rejuvenate queen mattress pickle planet moncton room for guests

Monkeydoodle loves our Haven, too!

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