naturopathic doctor renee purdy on the jenna and tosh show pickle planet podcast

Understanding menopause with naturopathic doctor Renée Purdy

This one is for the ladies – those of a certain age in particular!

We’re talking all things menopause this week, with naturopathic doctor Renée Purdy. She’ll walk us through understanding the hormonal shifts that happen during menopause, how those changes can impact a woman’s body, and what we can be doing at any age to better understand & take care of our bodies.

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Renée is a member of both the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the New Brunswick Association of Naturopathic Doctors. You can connect with Renée via EastND, a naturopathic centre with offices in Moncton and Charlottetown.

The Jenna & Tosh Show is a co-production of Pickle Planet Moncton and The Podcast Hub, and is recorded & aired by Rogers TV New Brunswick

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