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506 Elite Allstars offers tumbling for toddlers & youth, drop-in day camps, cheer & so much more!

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506 Elite All Stars offers tumbling classes, cheer programs, PD Day & summer day camps & more!

506 Elite All Stars might have been voted as the community’s favourite cheerleading gym, but it’s the tumbling programs and day camps that are catching our attention!

Opened in May 2022, 506 Elite All Stars first focused on building its cheer programs. Given the banners on the wall, the nearly 200 members, and the Moncton Votes award that year, it’s fair to say they’ve been a tad successful with this.

Now, they’re turning their focus on tumbling – less competitive programming that is perfect for families looking to get their littles moving.

I sat down with Coach Alli to learn about the programs offered, as well as a bit about her journey into owning a cheer and tumbling gym.

“Anyone who has kids who like to be upside down, the ones who go on the couch and are hanging around. We get a lot of those.”

Coach Alli smiles as she describes the children who find their way to 506 Elite All Stars for their toddler Fundamentals classes.

“It’s not necessarily cheer or gymnastics or tumbling specific,” she explains. “It’s more just getting them used to using their bodies.”

The Preschool Fundamentals program is for ages two to four. Parents stay on site but out of sight in a cozy waiting area for the hour. The groups are small, no more than six children per class.

“We get the kids in the gym, no parents,” says Alli. “We have one head coach that’s with them, and we have CITs – coaches in training. They’re our competitive athletes who are 11, 12 years old and they come in and they pair up with all the kids, so every kid has a buddy, basically.”

The coach sets a new curriculum each month.

“It’s essentially obstacle courses, games, and a little bit of tumbling,” Alli explains. “It all focuses on things like gross motor skills, balance, coordination, hand-eye skills, so we get a lot of people in that they just want their kids to be able to come in and socialize.”

Children over five can also take part in tumbling classes at various levels, beginner to advanced.

“That class is a mix of children interested in dance, cheer, gymnastics, and just movement in general,” describes Alli. “That class is specifically an hour just geared towards everything tumbling. They build the strength to do those moves, they play games, they do a lot of drills, going through different stations to work on things like handstands, rolls, bridges – anything that gets them upside down and starting to learn how to use their bodies.”

Fundamentals for ages 5+ is a recreational cheer program, with equal focus on the four aspects of cheer.

“They focus on tumbling, dance, jumps, and stunting, which is kind of like acrobatics, that’s where they do all the lifts with each other,” says Alli. “That class is only an hour long and will touch on each aspect of that within the class. They learn little dances, they do stunting with the coaches. That program is basically just getting a little taste of cheer. It’s once a week, so it’s not super high commitment.”

506 Elite Allstars tumbling class is offered almost every day of the week, and membership students are welcome to come twice a week based on their schedule. “We offer it that way so they can work around other sports and stuff,” says Alli. (A twice-a-week class membership is $149+tax per month.)

Not sure if your child is more into tumbling or cheer? No problem! 506 Elite All Stars offers a one-month trial membership; you try four classes for $59.

“You don’t have to book all four classes the day you book the trial,” Alli explains. “Generally, people book one tumbling, one fundamentals, then see what they prefer. Then we book the rest out. Before you get to that bigger commitment level, you should make sure you like it.”

As a parent of kids who often aren’t sure what they want to do, this is a perfect solution!

“After those programs, that’s when you’d move into our semi-competitive or competitive programs,” says Alli, noting there’s no age cap on cheer, so they have teams with athletes into their teens and even early twenties.

So, how does one decide to open a cheer & tumbling gym?

“I started with gymnastics,” says Alli. “In middle school, I realized I really wanted to coach. I think I was 11 or 12 when they let me start junior coaching at the gymnastics club.”

Alli’s love of coaching grew, and expanded to cheer when she took up that sport in high school. Alli says she intended to give up coaching when she left for university, but quickly found herself driving home each weekend from Mount Allison to keep coaching. She spent summers in a similar role, working at the Magnetic Hill Zoo’s day camps.

“I graduated with a psychology degree and wanted to go into children’s counselling,” she shares. Alli had a corporate job she loved, but found herself still spending time at local gyms, coaching cheer. “I think I always toyed with the idea of opening a gym,” she admits. “It took having the right friend say, ‘Maybe we should do it.’ Two years in, I’ve left my corporate job, I’m doing this full time, and the business side of it that I thought I wouldn’t like, I really do enjoy.”

Who knows: maybe your child’s passion for jumping on the couch and rolling around the floor will one day lead them to owning a thriving local business with nearly 200 young athletes, too!


“All of our programs charge monthly,” explains Alli. “It’s like a workout gym, it charges whether you come or not, but if you miss a class, we’re able to let them come to another class that week.”

A basic monthly membership is $119 and includes one class per week; the Elite membership includes two classes per week for $149/month.

The NEW MEMBER TRIAL PROGRAM is available for any athlete aged 5 & older. This offers a mix-and-match option for four classes over a one-month period for $59; perfect for testing out if Elite is a great fit for your family!

There are nearly 200 monthly members currently enrolled in 506 Elite’s programs.

Just looking to get out for a morning with the kids? Check out 506 Elite Allstar’s Daytime Playtime; drop in Mondays & Fridays, 10-11am, for just $5/child (or $4/sibling).

The gym isn’t just for recreation and competition training; it’s a great spot for camps and parties, too!


506 Elite Allstars is offering nine full weeks of summer camp programing for 2024. The first week is June 24-28, with the last week running August 26-30. (PRO TIP: You can find all the themes & details on their site now; don’t wait to book!) Cost is $225 for a full week or you can book drop-in visits for $50/day! The camp runs full days, 8:30am-4:30pm, with options for early drop offs/late picks ups. While some weeks are geared toward cheer, don’t skip over the list if your child is looking for something different.

“We’ve tried to make it easier for parents to pick a week that’s going to interest their kid, rather than it being ‘cheer’ and they don’t know what they’re getting for the week,” says Alli. “We always include a bit of tumbling in our camps, and we do have some weeks that are centered around cheer and tumbling, but we have Olympic week, Secret Agent week, Art & Science week, and so on. We have weeks where the activities are more focused on crafts and experiments. We’ll still spend time in the gym and get their energy out, but that’s not going to be the main focus. When we have a Disney week, we’ll do a movie at the end of the week, we’ll bring popcorn, they can wear their PJs.”

Alli says parents looking for drop-in programming through the summer should reach out, as they can often accommodate children joining a camp for a day or two. How amazing is that?!

The gym also offers drop-in day camps on most PD days through the year. (PD = Professional Development for public school teachers; meaning your kiddo doesn’t have school, even though it’s a weekday.) PD Day Camps include crafts & games, as well as tumbling, cheer & more! This is open to members and non-members; cost is $60/child, open 8:30am-4:30pm but you can ask about early/late drop off/pick up options.

UPCOMING 2024 PD DAY CAM DATES include March 20 & 25, April 15, & May 3, 17, & 24.


Parents in Greater Moncton are always looking for new & easy ways to plan kids’ birthday parties – and 506 Elite Allstars is ready for the challenge! They have a lovely room when you enter the facility (a great, quiet spot for parents and grandparents to watch the kids have fun), a smaller room with tables & chairs for cake & more, and lots of fun space in the gym to entertain all ages. They’ll even order the pizza and provide treat bags if you want!

Birthday packages begin at $200+tax. The basic plan includes 45 minutes of free play in the gym and 45 minutes in the party room for cake and presents. There’s a 15-child limit and access is limited to one spring floor; the second floor might be in use by other group. There’s a two-hour premium package that offers a mix of instruction and free play with private access to the facility, as well as an Elite package that offer three hours on site, 20 children allowed, two party pizzas and gift bags included, for $400+tax.
          (Please note: These rates are current as of March 2024. Be sure to reach out to 506 Elite to confirm packages offered today. You can find details on their site:

“You don’t to be a member to book a party, it’s open to absolutely everyone,” says Alli. “We don’t have a minimum age. We’ve always been able to customize it and accommodate to whoever wants to book with us.”

Allis says to consider the packages listed online as a guideline. “If there’s something you want to take out, something you want to add in, we’re willing to work with you.”

Booking is easy; a calendar with available times is easily found on their website.


506 Elite Allstars is located at 669 Babin Street, Dieppe, New Brunswick, unit 400.
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