Three Quick Halloween Crafts

Halloween is a great time for crafting with the kiddos! Here are a few tried and true favourites from our house!

Coffee Filter Spiderwebs

Coffee filter crafts are the best; we always have the materials on hand here and there are so many easy ideas! Fold up a filter into a triangle shape (similar to when you make cutout snowflakes) and use the image above as a guideline. You’ll have an awesome spiderweb decoration in seconds – and super cheap! Pick up a package of foam spiders from the craft section and you can decorate an entire room for $5.

Coffee Filter Ghosts

We used to make these with tissues when I was a kid, but I find coffee filters keep their shape and use fewer sheets: one balled up filter for the head, covered with another, secured with a twist tie or small elastic. These guys can be a lot of fun just to toss around and play with, or you might string them up to create a fun little garland.

Footprint Art

One of my all-time favourite kids’ crafts is to make hand and footprint art. The kids love it, too; we often plan a fun bubble bath for afterwards, which helps with cleanup and planning our next activity!

The simplest Halloween footprint painting is the foot-shaped ghost. Use black cardstock or pre-paint your canvas black. (I love using cheap canvas, as these are worth stashing away in the decoration box year-to-year!) It’s a ghost, so no need for perfect lines, making this ideal for little feet that squirmy!

The poem on the witch and cat painting reads: When witches go riding and black cats are seen, The moon laughs and whispers ‘Tis near Halloween. This one is the kids’ favourite, and I have to admit our cat turned out pretty great!

These crafts are all easy enough to be incorprated into Halloween playdates and parties; check out our post for some ideas on how to throw a spooktacular gathering!

Happy Halloween!

One thought on “Three Quick Halloween Crafts

  1. peady October 29, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    Excellent ideas! So sweet!
    (well except for those cute little stinky feet!) 😉


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