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Three Quick Boredom Busters

Finding yourself stuck inside and in need of some quick activities to keep the little ones happy? Here are our go-to Boredom Busters, perfect for any space!


All you need is tape! Masking tape, green painters tape, heck even duct tape will work depending on how you feel about the surface beneath. (When I was a kid, our basement was unfinished, so chalk on the floor always worked great!) If you’ve got little ones who don’t quite know their numbers, or just need to mix things up, draw shapes instead and hop from circle to square to triangle.


Scavenger Hunt

Always an easy crowd pleaser, and all you need is paper and a pen!

If you want to get a little fancier, take an empty egg carton and place 12 photos (cut up on old magazine, or find some images to print online) on the cover. When each item is found, in the egg carton spot it goes. (If you go this route, make sure to keep the objects small enough that this can work.)

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get you outside, but can easily be done indoors if needed. (The egg carton approach doubles as meal planning; make French Toast for breakfast to empty the container!)

Be creative: you can search out shapes or colours, too, not just items! And letting the kids take photos of each item to create a collage can add a second level to the activity and is a great way to have older and younger kids work together on this activity.

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