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Talking gender bias & unicorns

Decisions based on flawed data shape so much of the world around us. On this episode, Tosh launches a discussion on gender bias after being introduced to Caroline Criado Perez’s book Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men & Jenna shares her frustration with the gendered messages around children’s clothing & toys evident in her own home.

You can find more about Caroline Criado Perez on her website,

For more on Jenna’s thoughts on ‘boys vs girls toys’, you can read her op-ed column.

Also mentioned in this episode is the Canadian company Modern Rascals, providing colourful & whimsical gender neutral clothing options for children, and the Khairy triplets who are taking on Costco’s approach to displaying children’s clothing.

And if you’re wondering about the unicorns … listen to the podcast & you’ll get it!

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