How to tackle your clutter with coach Kim Sneath

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by clutter in our lives. Clutter in our files, clutter in our rooms, clutter in our minds.

Thankfully, we can ask Kim Sneath for help! Kim is a clutter coach based in the Moncton area. She brings a holistic view to clutter, going deeper than the objects around us to why we’re holding on to them – and she’s not going to tell you it all must go! Kim also brings an interior design/home staging mindset to her coaching, helping you make the most of the space you have. She joins Jenna & Tosh on the Pickle Planet Podcast to talk about her approach to clutter and why its helping local families regain some control over their homes and their lives.

If you’re tuning in before November 2019, check out Kim’s upcoming ‘Conquer Your Paper Clutter‘ workshop. You can also tune in to Kim & Jenna’s Facebook walk-through of the Pickle Planet HQ after Kim’s residential evaluation session last year!

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