S6E2: Sylvie Mazerolle shares her journey into photography

Childhood dreams may shift through time, but we often find their roots in our current passions and careers. Such is the case with Sylvie Mazerolle, whose youthful expressions of visual creativity have taken her from small town New Brunswick to a film make up artistry career in the big city and back home as a talented food and portrait photographer whose skills are in demand around the world. Sylvie joins Jenna & Tosh to talk about her journey into photography, the role it has played in her emotional healing, and how she hopes to bring that opportunity to others through retreats.

The Jenna & Tosh Show is a co-production of Pickle Planet Moncton and The Podcast Hub, and is recorded & aired by Rogers TV New Brunswick. New episodes available each Monday; full archive available on the website.

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