Summer poolside fun with Hub City Foodies

Summer is here & it’s time to relax! We’re taking a break from weekly episodes until September (though watch for some bonus material!) but we’re leaving you with some fun ideas for drinks and eats for your summer party plans. Hub City Foodies’ Jason Gallant & Eric Flanagan join us poolside (thanks to Serenity Pools & Landscaping) with some quick ideas for making mouthwatering dishes and libations.

Jason has been on the show before during our Summer Staycation series, sharing his love for local food & drink. We love watching his passion spread on social (he’s got a cool 30K follower on the ol’ TikTok)! Eric is a newbie to the show but certainly not to the local restaurant scene. He’s been involved in just about every place you might have visited, most recently at LOLI cafe & lounge. Reach out if you need some backyard party magic of your own this summer!

Eric’s tips for cocktails that impress: fresh garnishes & an option that can make a pitcher so you relax & enjoy, too! PS: Did you know: cucumber can take the bite out of jalapeños? A great garnish combo!

Thanks again to Serenity Pools & Landscaping for hosting us; check them out if you’re thinking a backyard pool would make a great addition to your home!

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One thought on “Summer poolside fun with Hub City Foodies

  1. Shelley Wilson June 26, 2023 at 2:52 pm

    Great episode

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