Splash'N Boots Moncton

Splash’N Boots in Moncton

This year, the colours of fall in Moncton are blue and yellow!

Splash’N Boots is returning to The Capitol Theatre on Thursday, October 12. Our Community Corner Correspondent – and Splash’N Boots mega-fan – Melannie Eldridge chatted with the duo over email. (For you non-fans, Splash’N Boots (also known as Nick and Taes) are on Treehouse TV, have released nine albums and three DVDs, and have several Juno nominations for children’s entertainment. If you have kids under the age of five, you could use some Splash’N Boots in your life!)

Splash'N Boots Moncton

When I brought my son to see Splash N’ Boots last year at the Capitol, I was only vaguely aware of them, mostly from fun clips on Treehouse bordering our favourite shows. I figured it would be a fun show to check out. I didn’t expect to be blown away by them, but I was. Their talent, positive energy, and devotion to their audience made me a fan in a big way. I dance to their songs with my family, I follow them actively on social media, and I was absolutely thrilled when they agreed to answer some questions for Pickle Planet. Read about them, check them out when they return to the Capitol Theatre this October 12th, and just try not to love these wonderful Canadian family entertainers. Or don’t! Just love them! ~ M.E.


M.E.: You’re returning to the Capitol; Moncton is excited to have you!

“We’re so excited to be back in Moncton. Last year was our first time and we were blown away with how BEAUTIFUL the Capitol Theatre is! An unexpected blue and yellow rose was left on our tour bus window the morning after the show; we thought that was the sweetest thing and just goes to show how amazing everyone there is!”

M.E.: What can families expect at your performance?

“Expect to dance, sing, and laugh. It’s a 100% interactive show that caters to the whole family. We give the children a chance to speak in the microphone, which keeps us on our toes and allows no two shows to ever be the same.”

M.E.: Tell me about how Splash’N Boots was created.

“We were both in the drama program at Queens University and were taking a children’s theatre class. We were supposed to write and perform a show for children as our end of class project. We wrote a play with songs in between and performed it at the local public library. From there, we never looked back!”

M.E.: What advice do you have for young artists when it comes to the entrepreneurial side of an arts career, as well as the realities of performing for a living?

“I think what has been the biggest drive for us is that we REALLY love what we do. We love kids, we love performing, and we 100% have been willing to give up everything else and just focus on this. At first we were making no money and performing for no people. Sometimes we would do 40 shows in 10 days and there would be two to 10 people at every show. But every single person there really mattered to us, and that’s something we have always believed in. It’s a lot of work, but when you love something enough, it doesn’t seem like work. Our advice: If you love something so much you can’t see yourself doing anything else, than throw yourself into it and do it BIG. Don’t give up.”

M.E.: Tell me about writing your first song.

“The first song we ever wrote was ‘I Love You the Most’ and it was written in Mom’s living room in Perth, Ontario. I remember us singing it and my mom playing the piano and we were both actually pretty surprised. The cool part is that this is a song that we now sing at every show.”

M.E.: What about your most recent song – has the experience changed?

“I think the most recent song written for the new album is called ‘A Million Kisses for You,’ so I guess after all this time we are still writing about love and connection.”

M.E.: You spend a lot of time touring; is life on the road different for children’s performers?

“I wish we had a reality show for this exact reason. It’s actually pretty hilarious. We surround ourselves with people we love and we are all great friends. The greatest part about performing for children on the road is that our latest show starts at 6pm versus going on at midnight.”

M.E.: What’s your favourite element of the show?

“I think the animal noise song always provides the most laughs. We ask the children what their favourite animal is and Splash has to make the noise. Oh, the animals we have gotten! His moose call is becoming legendary.”

M.E.: Tell me about the connections you feel your adult fans.

“We’ve gotten to know some parents personally and it’s been amazing. One parent shared with us that our songs helped her get through her post partum and some really dark times. It’s those kind of messages that really keep us focused on what we do.”

M.E.: As a grown up fan, I know you’ve mentioned some exciting possibilities for the future. Any chance of a collaboration with Alan Doyle?

“This is on our bucket list! ALAN, if you’re reading this – Let’s make it happen!”

We’re not sure Alan Doyle regularly reads Pickle Planet, but let’s hope so!

For a chance at FOUR tickets to see Splash’N Boots from your own Opera Box at the Capitol, head over to Pickle Planet Moncton’s Facebook page and let us know – who would YOU love to see the duo team up with?  

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