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Ideas for Snow Day Family Fun: Guest Post by Chera Yorke

I’ve been a huge fan of Matt & Chera Yorke since before even moving to New Brunswick. This couple creates amazing photographic memories for families, and we’ve been lucky to work with them several times. We’ve even had a play date or two, and you’ll understand just how fun that was when you see this fantastic photo essay Chera snapped after the first snow day this year. She also has some advice on conquering life with three littles when the snow day becomes days … 


During the first snow day off school in 2017 my three kids were basically cherubs, playing well together, crafting, snuggling up for a few television shows, allowing my husband and I to get some work done from home, and were genuinely lovely little human beings.

By day two it seemed all of that lovely charity and feelings of goodwill had been expended. Tears and cries of “I’m bored,” melt downs, squabbles, many outdoor voices uniting indoors, and general cabin fever ensued — and all before my morning coffee and 9am. Somehow, before I used my Mom Voice and my nearly perfected Stink Eye, I grabbed a piece of construction paper and a crayon and proceeded to make a list of fun things we could do as a family.

snow day activities moncton yorke photography pickle planet

It was great because my oldest is learning to read. Before I had announced the day’s activity, she started sounding out the words, getting more and more excited about what was to come.

It was wonderful to spend time as a family and the activities really did work to uplift the mood of the house.

All in all it was a pretty special day in the Yorke house.

Make An Excellent Fort

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Read a Ginormous Stack of Books

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Bake Something Scrumptious

snow day kids baking ideas

Snow Day Family Fun

Thanks to Chera Yorke for sharing her family’s snow day fun! For some more ideas on things you could add to your Snow Day List, check out our Boredom Busters, DIY Puzzles, Dirt Play Dough, and Coffee Filter Butterflies. You can share your ideas in the comments, too!




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