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#HistoryNB: Shipbuilding in Albert County

Nearly two dozen shipbuilding sites dotted the coastline of Albert County during the height of the Age of Sail. The vast forests of New Brunswick that line the Atlantic Ocean coast were the perfect location for a thriving industry that defied this area for many years and continue to echo to this generation. Albert County Historical Society president Dawne Wright McLean joins us to talk about how shipbuilding defines this community and what stories can be found at the Albert County Museum.

Pickle Planet Moncton & The Podcast Hub, along with Rogers TV New Brunswick, have teamed up with the Albert County Historical Society to create a summer podcast series exploring some of the Albert County Museum’s many displays. This is the second of several episodes, which will be released on Mondays in July 2021. 

For more information on the Albert County Museum & its focus on shipbuilding:

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