shebuilds owner donna ferguson and program coordinator chrissy guitard join jenna and tosh on the pickle planet podcast to talk about women in trades in new brunswick

SheBuilds is changing the way women show up in construction in New Brunswick

If you are a New Brunswick woman dreaming about working on a construction site, you need to meet Donna & Chrissy of SheBuilds.

These sisters are turning the world of carpentry for women on its head. SheBuilds combines traditional education, emotional intelligence & self awareness training, and work experience with an end goal of not only breaking down barriers for female tradespeople but also creating more sustainable housing for women in our communities.

SheBuilds is owned by Donna Ferguson, a Certified Engineering Technologist with more than 30 years experience in the trades. Her sister, Chrissy Guitard, brings nearly 20 years experience in construction and design to the business as the program co-ordinator. Together, they have a vision of seeing more women successfully working in the trades by ensuring a smooth transition from training to on-the-job apprenticeship.

Less than 3% of New Brunswick’s skilled tradespeople – construction workers, automotive technicians, truck & transport drivers, etc – are female. Throughout Canada, women make up about 10% of these trades positions. Donna and Chrissy believe that SheBuilds can break down many of the barriers that keep those number so low – while also partnering with organizations to create housing solutions for women.

Click the play button now to listen to Donna & Chrissy explain their vision. To follow their journey, find them on Facebook:

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This is Episode 26 of Season 3; check out our previous episodes here:

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