S6E18: Chocolat Moncton warms up February with hot chocolate festival at local cafes, restaurants, & more

At least a dozen local cafes, restaurants, & shops are teaming up with organizer Amber Effects to launch the region’s newest culinary festival, Chocolat Moncton. The focus: scrumptious hot chocolate creations, perfect for warming up mid-February! A portion of each sale supports Inclusion Advocacy SENB Promotion de l’inclusion (IASENB), making the warm & fuzzies of this festival even better!

Tune in to hear Amber Richards share details on the hot chocolate creations & some contests you can take part in when you enjoy your Chocolat Moncton drinks this winter – and get your tastebuds tingling with some of these promotional photos by the one & only Sylvie Mazerolle!

Cafe Clementine (photo by Sylvie Mazerolle)

Tony’s Moncton (photo by Sylvie Mazerolle)

Cafe Archibald (photo by Sylvie Mazerolle)

La Rouere (photo by Sylvie Mazerolle)

Bar 55 (photo by Sylvie Mazerolle)

Cafe L’Amiral (photo by Sylvie Mazerolle)

Find more mouth-watering photos on Chocolat Moncton’s Instagram & get out between February 16 to 25 to take part!

Want to walk through Downtown Moncton to explore the tastes of the Chocolat Moncton festival? Here’s the route we suggest!

    • LaRouère (150 Weldon St)
    • Brix Experience Moncton (245 St. George St)
    • Co_Pain Artisan Bread Company (98 Bonaccord St)
    • LOLI Café & Lounge (6 Gordon St)
    • Bar55 (55 Queen St)
    • Café l’Amiral (527 Main St)
    • The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse (751 Main St)

That will take you to about half of the restaurants & cafes taking part. You might also enjoy walking from Atelier Tony (50 Rue du Marché) to Cafe Archibald (216 Gauvin Rd) in Dieppe to sample two chocolate creations – maybe before & after a skate at Place 1604!

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