podcast episode cover focusing on seaglass and winter beachcombing in new brunswick canada

S6E16: Winter Beach Glass Hunting — and summer planning tips! — with New Brunswick’s East Coast Mermaid, Crystal Richard

Yes, you can — and SHOULD! — head to coastal beaches this winter if you’re looking to find sea glass treasurers. New Brunswick’s favourite mermaid, Crystal Richard, swims into the studio to share her tips & tricks for finding beach glass in winter, as well as why you want to start planning now for summer adventures, too! Tune in to hear about Campobello Island’s September Seaglass Festival, Crystal’s favourite time and type of day to search, New Brunswick beaches that are as close to a sure seaglass bet as you can find, and much more!

a sample of beachcombing treasures, including a small brown aspirin bottle, two glass stoppers, a Frozen Charlotte doll leg, a glass Javex bottle bottom with the name visable, and a large piece of a square-bottom glass
A few of Crystal’s beachcombing treasures!

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tosh taylor, jenna morton, and crystal richard in rogers tv studio with a sample of beach glass

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