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Riverview’s Winter Wonderland Park

Riverview’s Winter Wonderland Park lives up to its name and more. What a fantastic recreation treasure, featuring sliding, skating, snowboarding, and more!

skating oval riverview pickle planet
The view of the skating oval (and crokicurl surface; set up during Winter Carnival) from the top of the sliding hill at Riverview’s Winter Wonderland Park.

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This amazing space features a skating oval, a super sliding hill, a snowboarding hill, and trails that are perfect for a winter stroll.

riverview winter wonderland

During the annual Winter Carnival, Winter Wonderland Park is a perfect backdrop for a host of events. The trails are wide enough for family sleigh rides, the parking lot becomes home to inflatable igloos serving hot chocolate, there’s a crokicurl surface assembled, and the sliding hill makes the best fireworks launch pad! (CBC Kids has an awesome explainer on crokicurl; check it out here.)

winter wonderland park riverview snowcoach para sport nb new brunswick pickle planet moncton(1)
Heather and Eric having fun with a snowcoach on loan for Riverview’s Winter Carnival 2019 from Parasport NB.

We loved checking out the oval with the team from Tango Medical and some town staff before Winter Carnival 2019 (for 2020 programming, click here!). For several years the town has focused on creating inclusive and accessible events, including bringing sledges to the park for anyone to try. It’s a neat feeling to propel yourself along the ice in a sitting position! Pickle Planet is proud to have been a partner sponsor for this activity in 2019 & 2020.

sledge skating oval riverview winter carnival pickle planet
Heather and Matt from Tango Medical test out sledges on the skating oval at Riverview’s Winter Wonderland Park.

Riverview’s Winter Wonderland Park is seriously one of the best kept secrets in the Greater Moncton Area! It’s only about a five minute drive from downtown Moncton, with onsite parking and easy access.

When you pull into Quinn Court you might first miss the parking area to your right, but you’ll spot it easily once you turn in the court. From there, you’ll see the skating oval near Gunningsville Boulevard. The sliding hill is obvious, though formed in a way you won’t see the action from the parking lot.

sliding hill riverview winter wonderland park
The view from the top of the sliding hill at Riverview’s Winter Wonderland Park; it’s hard to tell, but this is a LONG hill with lots of room for families to enjoy!
snowboarding riverview winter wonderland park pickle planet
Snowboarders are also welcome at Riverview’s Winter Wonderland Park! (Obviously you might want to wait for another big snowfall before testing the runs; we’ll try to get back to get better photos soon!)

Grab your sled, your skates and helmet, even your snow shoes and head over for a fantastic winter adventure right in Riverview. Pop ‘Winter Wonderland Park Riverview’ or ‘Quinn Court Riverview’ into your GPS to find directions; you’ll be happy you did!


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