Riverview’s Redwater Drive Playground

Riverview’s Redwater Drive Playground is a gem of  spot; perfect for little ones who don’t need a lot to capture their attention and love a quiet place to roam.

The Redwater Drive Playground is relatively small but feels very open and inviting. There are fences and tree lines that make it feel sheltered and the road is a safe distance from the play area.

redwater riverview natural climbing

There is a fantastic natural wood climbing structure, low enough for young climbers to enjoy.

The one climbing structure is intended for toddlers, with three slides to choose from – including one of the lowest double slides around!

redwater riverview double slide

There is a swing set with two infant seats, a child and me swing, and two others.

redwater riverview swing

Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the sheltered table! This is a quiet neighbourhood; parking along the street feels safe, with two walkways up to the play area.

redwater riverview slides

My favourite part was a neighbour’s water feature gently gurgling in the background as I looked at the tops of Moncton’s tallest buildings across the river. A lovely spot to bring a book or some quiet work and just relax!

The playground is across from 166 to 158 Redwater Drive. You can find it here:

redwater riverview three slides climbing structure

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