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Riverview youth, parents join to build network for community change

It’s a slow process to bring about real change, change steeped in understanding and built on trust. The Riverview Youth Network is doing just that. They are a newly formed group, bringing together youth, youth-focused organizations, and caring adults who want to truly shift the community’s mindset.

High school students Ella Webster and Rebecca Thomas officially launched the Network recently; you can see their speeches here. We followed up with Network members Heather Stordy and Ross Smith to delve into the role of the Parent Engagement Subcommittee and highlight two surveys the Network is currently running.

If you’re a parent & open to sharing thoughts on your relationship with your child & your community, take a few minutes to fill this out: Riverview Youth Network Parental Involvement Survey

If you’re a tween/teen in Riverview, share your thoughts on what activities you’d like to have available there: Riverview Youth Interests Survey

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