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Quick and Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

I’m always looking for ways to keep our seasonal décor simple, which is why I love these quick and easy Halloween decorating ideas! These look great and come together in a flash – and you can do it all for under $10. Yes, a grand total of $10 should buy you enough supplies to make these five Halloween decorations – and mine have lasted almost 10 years now, so that’s about a dollar a year for decorations!

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Oh, how I LOVE cheesecloth at Halloween! It makes the BEST spiderwebs – and is SO much easier to clean up than those cotton, stretchy webs you can buy.

cheap halloween ideas decorations quick and easy halloween decorating ideas

The hardest part about this decorating tip is finding it in the store. I always seem to have trouble tracking it down when I go looking myself, so if it’s not something you usually buy, save yourself some time and ask a sales associate. It’s generally carried at grocery stores and dollar stores, as well as larger department stores; it tends to be with kitchen supplies. A little goes a long way, so a package is likely fine, but over the years I’ve picked up two or three.

To use it, decide how long a piece you need to stretch from one spot to another; for example, from the edge of a curtain rod to a nearby photo on the wall, across a hallway or door entrance, etc. Make a few random cuts a various places along the bottom. I tend to do two or three, and then take my hands and rip those a bit more to look less precise. I also just use a quick snip and then my hands at a few spots in the cloth to make holes.

This seriously ups the ‘haunted’ look of your home without scaring the little kids. It’s also great for decorating a large space – or just every room in your house! – on a budget. We sometimes pick up little plastic bugs to tuck into the pieces, too (watch for packages on sale after Halloween).

Garbage Bags

We have a fairly large front porch that is perfect for decorating at Halloween (mostly because it desperately needs a coat of paint and new railings, so it actually looks great this time of year!).

cheap halloween ideas decorations quick and easy halloween decorating ideas

I take three black garbage bags and cut them along the two side seams. Then I cut up from the bottom, actually trying NOT to keep things straight or evenly spaced. I tack the solid stretch of plastic along the top of the porch and voila, creepy ‘haunted’ house vibes! Honestly, the sound of the garbage bags blowing in the wind is the best part of this simple decoration.

You could also do this in a window or doorway; you likely wouldn’t need to cut the garbage bag along the sides for a more narrow space. You could also use plastic tablecloths, if you weren’t interested in buying a lot of black garbage bags.

(Tip: This works well for decorating for birthday parties, too; just use solid colour plastic tablecloths and be more precise about the size of the strips.)

cheap halloween ideas decorations quick and easy halloween decorating ideasCardboard Cut Outs / Foam Craft Pieces

If you have any faith in your ability to draw basic outlines of animals, this is another quick and easy way to fill your windows. Grab some black Bristol board and make cats, owls, and bats to sit in your windows. These silhouettes are cute during the day but can really pack a punch at night.

Not keen on being even that crafty? Find some foam crafting supplies to use! I picked up a pack of spiders and these little guys invade our house every Halloween. The kids LOVE putting them up! A quick piece of painter’s tape on the back works fabulously. (TIP: Wait till Halloween is over this year, then go searching the craft aisles for these foam supplies. You’ll get a great deal and be all set for next fall! If you buy them now, you won’t hit our $5 goal.)

Bristol Board Eyesquick easy cheap halloween decorations ideas outside door quick and easy halloween decorating ideas

The kids love this one, and it’s so simple! Depending on your door colour, you may have to adjust slightly, or just cover it with one of those extra black garbage bags.

Take two pieces of white Bristol board and cut them into circles. Take two pieces of black construction paper or cardstock and also cut into circles; or use two black paper plates. Attach the black to the white to make eyes, then place them on your door.

You could also use extra cheesecloth to wrap a coloured door for a mummy look, or turn a coloured door into a monster or vampire.

Covering Photos

The last little tip for making your house into a Halloween hit without breaking the bank: cover up your photos! You can drape white fabric over frames and mirrors, print Day of the Dead-inspired photos to put inside your frames, or find some great Halloween napkins that look fabulous with a larger frame.

That’s it; five ways to transform your home for Halloween, for about the cost of a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte!

I have to give a proper shout out to where I discovered most of these ideas: Martha Stewart! I picked up a Halloween magazine of hers years ago and it is seriously amazing. Lots of great ideas for decorating and fabulous costumes that were surprisingly simple and cost-efficient.

Happy Halloween! cheap halloween ideas decorations quick and easy halloween decorating ideas

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