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Hello Lovely People!

I’m thrilled to share this little gem today. I’ve accepted the honour of being a Brand Ambassador for the upcoming event, Work of Heart. This is a made-in-Moncton day focused on inspiring you to follow your passion.

Honestly, I’m not usually one for these types of sessions. But when I saw the line up of speakers (including Nadine Larche, Cearagh Vessey, and Natalie Davison) scheduled to share their stories, I knew I wanted to be in the room.

The event is billed as a chance to “recharge and resent … [a] day long retreat packed full of inspiration and motivation to get you back on track.” For me, it’s about connecting and building community. These are some of Moncton’s most interesting, intriguing, and inspiring individuals … and they’re ready to bare their souls in front of all of us. That’s the type of courage that creates a strong community, and one that I want to feel deeply connected with.

You should check out the event description and the full list of speakers, then visit Work of Heart’s Facebook page for great videos with these local people who are following their passion and ready to push you to do the same.

As a Brand Ambassador I’ll be attending the event for free, and sharing my thoughts on the day with you via social media and likely another post or two on here. It also means I get fun perks to share with you, too!

Book your ticket now and use the promo code HEART for $10 off your ticket.

Work of Heart takes place at the Royal Oaks Estates Golf & Country Club on Saturday, March 25, 2017. The event runs from 8:30am to 5pm. You’re instructed to dress comfy “whether that means full on glitter and bling or yoga gear.” I haven’t decided yet which I’ll choose, but I know I’ll be there, and I hope you will, too!

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