Pickle Planet Podcast: The Step-Parent Episode

It’s a big leap, going from single living to a relationship. Even bigger when that relationship comes with two small boys! Riverview entrepreneur Tosha Whalen shares her experience transitioning through various stages of parenting – from single to step-parent of two little boys to mom of three!

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One thought on “Pickle Planet Podcast: The Step-Parent Episode

  1. Katt February 1, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    I was a single mom of 6 years when i met my now fiance.
    My son is now almost 10 . ( did I say that out loud? )
    I find that my fiance and my boy sometimes butt heads..
    My son is very strong willed, like his momma.
    There are times, not as often as what used to be ( thank god!), that i would be out and i would get a call….” mom, rick said i have to _______….. ” or ” you need to tell your son to stop sassing me….”
    Gawd!! I was like screaming in my head everytime this happened!
    Things have setteled down for the most part, but there is still the occasional hiccup ( as i prefer to call them) that happens.
    My sons father ( or any of that side of his family) have not a single thing to do with him.
    They havent since he was 4.5 mths old when i left. ( thats a wayyyyyy different story)
    Now, i find that with a divorce underway, that there is help out there for the adults, and classes that must be taken, but nothing for the child.
    Is there anythibg that you guys know of?

    Also, any advice on how to get these 2 bull headed men in my life to grow together?
    I feel as though my son thinks hes just a guy eho is going to leave us, and my fiancee is trying to stand ground but all in the wrong ways…


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