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Pickle Planet Podcast: Welcome 2019!


I don’t know about you, but it’s been a hard go, getting back into routine around here. The seemingly extra long holiday break, the early and persistent snow storm days, then through in some other projects and boom! The tree is still silently mocking me from the corner of the living room, unplugged but fully decorated and demanding attention it still isn’t getting.

Anyway …

We’re trying to pull things together over here, and you can expect regular podcast episodes to return as of now! Every Friday we share a little conversation to keep you company while you fold the laundry, drive to work, or just relax with your drink of choice. This week, it’s just a little catch-up chat between Jenna & Tosh, with a sneak peek into some of the guests and topics coming your way in 2019.

PS: Did we mention we have t-shirts for sale now? #MonctonMom and #TidalBored shirts in the comfiest fabric, Canadian-made and printed right here in Moncton, sizes XS to 2XL. Available at local markets hosted by Ladybosscollective Events!

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