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Pickle Planet Podcast: Romance novels and Remembrance Day

Yes, you read that correctly.

Romance novels and Remembrance Day in the same sentence, and not because I intend to spend November 11 indulging in some entertaining reading.

I believe fiction is one of the most powerful ways to share an experience and encourage empathy for a situation. Each year, I make sure to read age-appropriate works of fiction with our children that help them understand the significance of Remembrance Day. (One of my favourites is mentioned in the podcast: Proud as a Peacock, Brave as a Lion.) This year, I broadened my understand of the complexities of Canadian military life – for soldiers and for their partners – by reading a series of books by a writer I’ve admired for a very long time, Kim Mills.

Kim is the wife of a soldier and shares her thoughts on many subjects online via her website and Facebook page, She is Fierce. Kim also writes romance novels. Her characters and their stories are all based around their roles in the Canadian military. The Way Home series offers a contemporary look into the lives of soldiers, their families and friends, and yes, the steamy relationships that lighten the reality she shares.

Kim also writes often about her thoughts on Christmas preparations in advance of Remembrance Day. She also writes about why it’s okay to bring your kids to a service, even if they fidget or cry. Take some time to read her posts, and maybe her books, too. Oh, and you can listen to us talk about her works, and our thoughts on observing Remembrance Day on the podcast. Thanks for tuning in!

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