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Pickle Planet Podcast: Redshirting your Kindergarten child

Sending your child off to school is complicated enough, but when you are given the choice whether to send them or hold them back, it becomes a much harder decision!

Redshirting is a term used to describe this practice of delaying your child’s entry into the school system (you can hear more about where the phrase comes from in the podcast). Currently in New Brunswick, this is an option for parents with children who will turn five between September and December of what would be their first school year.

That’s the position Tosh finds herself in, as well as one of this week’s guests, Shannon Terry. To round out the conversation, we also invited kindergarten teacher (and dad to young children) Ryan Thorne to share some thoughts on how to decide whether or not to delay your child’s entry to kindergarten.

(For more on registering your child for school in New Brunswick, as well as practical tips for preparing them for the classroom, click here – after you’ve listened to the podcast, of course!)


One thought on “Pickle Planet Podcast: Redshirting your Kindergarten child

  1. Stephanie October 12, 2018 at 9:13 am

    I would have liked to hear more discussion about the potential effect of redshirting on mental health… for example children at higher genetic risk of ADHD, anxiety etc.

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