Picking a Pickle Planet

Parents & Pickles. That’s what it’s all about.

My friend calls my daughter Pickle. It’s a name that’s caught on around our house – and one that I hope will catch on around Moncton and beyond.

Pickle Planet is all about helping our little pickles grow. Your go-to garden, if you will. The place you can come to find out about walk-in clinics, drop-in playgroups, playgrounds, birthday party places, and more. We share easy crafts and recipes to make your stay-at-home days a little bit more fun. We profile local families with interesting stories to share. And each Friday we’ll share a go-to list of family friendly events in Moncton, Riverview, Dieppe, and the surrounding communities.

And by we, I mean me. Jenna Morton. For now, I’m the only one working at Pickle Planet HQ. I have company, though. I work from home, so my three non-school-aged kids are often asking to add their two cents to each post. Sometimes, the crafts are even their ideas.

Enjoy your time on Pickle Planet!family hvd

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