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Non-Fiction Creative Writing about New Brunswick for Kids

I believe strong communities raise strong children.

Children who are resilient.
Children who are confident.
Children who are creative.
Children who are connected to people & to place.

Children who know they belong.

Children who grow up feeling this connection carry it forward.

Into business.
Into volunteer work.
Into leadership roles.
Into stronger communities that become a beacon to those searching for a place to belong.

Being proud of where you call home — feeling that you belong — boosts creativity, confidence, & economy.

When we are proud of the place we call home, it creates a sense of belonging that ripples through everything.

It improves mental health.
It sparks creativity.
It fosters civic engagement & community volunteerism.
It spurs innovation.
It fuels economic growth.
All of which increases population attraction & retention.

Pickle Planet is focused on creating that sense of pride, belonging, & connection that strengthens our community.

I began building those connections with weekly round ups of events & activities, but I’m committed to bringing you more.
More stories. More substance. More reasons to be proud to call New Brunswick home.

To start, I’m sharing my New Brunswick Biography Series.

These are short, creative biographies of inspiring New Brunswickers. Stories that are meant to build a sense of pride and belonging. Stories of well-known New Brunswick role models & stories of everyday folks doing amazing things.

Click the photos to hear the stories & don’t forget to share with your friends!

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new brunswick biographies for kids pickle planet jenna morton john peters humphrey short story
new brunswick biographies for kids pickle planet jenna morton molly kool