Mother’s Day Cheat Sheet (aka What Mom REALLY Wants)

Alright, Partners, listen up! Here’s what Mom really wants for Mother’s Day.

You ready?

She wants YOU to come up with a plan. Don’t ask her what she wants. Don’t suggest things in a questioning manner. Take charge and make a plan.

Need help? That’s okay. We can get you started!

There are two main themes to choose from: A day without kids or a day with kids. Some years, Mom might just want the day to be about her. Some years, she might want it to be all about those people who made her a Mom. Maybe she’s looking for a little bit of both. Whatever route you choose, here are some ideas to get you started.

Non-Kid-Related Go To Gifts

Going the mani/pedi/massage route? Follow through to make it a real treat; book the session and ensure she can get there, without having to make arrangements for childcare, etc.

Want flowers without seeming cliché? Check out the lovely work by paper flower artist – and local resident – Paper & Peony.

Picking out clothes is always a crap shoot – but getting her a session with The Style Coach to revamp her wardrobe? Always a home run!

Take a look at the walls. When was the last time you had a family photo taken? Print some recent fun photos, or frame a note showing you’ve booked an upcoming family photo shoot!

Hint: If going the gift card/future experience route, pair it with a little something in hand. Find a cute pair of earrings, some personalized cookies, maybe a bottle of her favourite wine.

Kid-Focused Gifts

Mom more the mushy type who’ll tear up over kids’ crafts? Make it happen! If you’re not keen on taking the lead, there are lots of places that will help.

Check your local library for events, plan a trip to a paint-your-own-pottery place or use an online kids’ paint DIY to help with the creative process; just remember, you’ll need to plan ahead a few weeks to make this happen!

You can also pull those heartstrings without glitter and Pinterest. Buy a blank journal for each child and have them draw some pictures or write something about Mom. You can pull these out each year and add to them, creating wonderful family traditions.

Go old school: make Mom a mixed tape. (Okay, it might have to be a CD or more likely a personalized playlist, but you get the idea.) Get the kids to choose their favourites, what they think she listens to, what songs you know make her smile. Pop it on and have a family dance party!

Surprise her with a slideshow saved on a DVD, or put together a photo album of pictures you and the kids pick out. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart to make her smile! You could also shoot some video with the kids. Ask them what they like to do the most with Mom, what they think she likes to do when they’re not around, what they’d get her as a gift.

Now, whether you’re focusing on pampering her or creating family memories, there are a few constants on the Pickle Planet list:

4. Don’t expect Mom to cook or clean on Mother’s Day – and that doesn’t mean leave the Sunday dishes and laundry for her to deal with on Monday. Make a plan now: if you’re going to cook, decide what you need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and be prepared. If you’re going to go to a restaurant or order take out, plan ahead for that, too, so you’re not stuck in waiting lines.

(If cooking and cleaning aren’t usually Mom’s tasks, think about what is and how you can help ease that load for a day. But still make plans for taking charge of meals on Mother’s Day!)

3. Have a card. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but a little effort goes a long way.

2. Don’t forget the day!

And the Number 1 Ruledon’t ask her what she wants. She wants a break from making decisions!

Happy mother's day

One thought on “Mother’s Day Cheat Sheet (aka What Mom REALLY Wants)

  1. Cecile Leger April 28, 2021 at 6:37 pm

    Love it! Not having the mental load for once.

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