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Moncton’s Knox Playground

Tucked just off the busy North Moncton power centre area you’ll find Knox Park, a great space to run & play! If you haven’t been to this gem, it’s a beautiful space with loads of room to explore.

The kids can cool down on a hot day with the splash pad; we love the little bucket that fills & dumps water! 

There’s a small structure perfect for toddlers and a larger structure for older kids.

Each structure has multiple slides, including a double slide on the larger play set.

The swing set has four seats, two of which were infant swings when we visited.

There’s a lovely bench memorial to the RCMP officers whose lives were taken in June 2014, surrounded by some of my favourite flowers. While there isn’t a lot of shade at Knox Park, the playground is surrounded by lots of green space with plenty of room to play.

This playground sits at the corner of Isington Street & Knox Drive, allowing for a fair bit of on street parking. 75 Knox Drive in your GPS will get you here. The nearby North End traffic is audible, but the streets around the park are quiet, residential roads. 

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