Moncton’s Bond Drive Playground

Well now! Wasn’t I the surprised Mom to find not one but two awesome little playgrounds tucked away just one kilometre apart on quiet spaces off the Salisbury Road!

We’ve long been fans of the great park behind the Journey Church in Allison, but you can spot that one from the road. (And of course the awesome Pauline Frizzell Playground, too!) Codiac Heights and Bond Drive are sneakier to find but worth the effort – and what a great day you could make park-crawling from one to the other!

bond drive moncton park playground family friendly pickle planet

Bond Drive doesn’t have as many parking options as Codiac Heights, but it’s a lovely spot.

When we visited there was a swing set with one infant seat and three others. There were two benches, a picnic table under a shade shelter, and two of the little whirly seats the kids like. Bond Drive playground also has a bike rack and garbage can with a pet-friendly sign and pick-up bags.

bond drive playground park moncton pickle planet

There is only one climbing structure here (intended for ages five to 12) but it’s super fun! A funky design with some great climbing bars for those with upper body strength, and a single slide.

bond drive park playground moncton pickle planet climbing kids

Just down from the playground equipment is a picnic table with a chess/checkers tabletop.

bond drive park playground moncton chess checkers picnic table pickle planet

The Bond Drive Playground is listed as 216 Bond Drive. You can also find it easily by turning down by the PetroCan in Salisbury Road.

Moncton’s Pauline Frizzell Park

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